In order to start a local scheme there are a number of steps to go through

What can NC expect from TLC?
•    Individual support and development for chair/co-ordinator
•    Advice and guidance in setting up a new scheme
•    Operational guidance in running the local scheme
•    Training plan for local delivery
•    Training modules to be delivered (at cost) when needed
•    Reporting systems
•    Knowledge sharing systems
•    Events to network with other NC schemes, both regional and national
•    Advice eg handling the media, local difficulties
•    Continue to develop the NC scheme
•    Development of NC website to include general information about local      schemes
•    Provide responses, where appropriate, to national media enquiries

What does TLC expect of local NC schemes?
•    Details of Chair/Co-ordinator to be lodged with TLC
•    At least one member to attend networking events
•    Contribute their experience to network of NC schemes
•    They will be audited annually by TLC against this agreement

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