Each local scheme is run by a constituted Management Committee responsible for running the local scheme.  The Management Committee enter into a licence agreement with Transforming Local Communities and adopt their policies and procedures. 

Who can be a Neighbourhood Champion?
Potential volunteers must be over 18 years of age and:

•    Complete an application form
•    Provide two references
•    Sign a confidential declaration form
•    Be willing to undergo a CRB check if necessary
•    Be willing to undertake eight sessions of training (four before they begin ‘work’)

All volunteers are covered by insurance

How does the system work?
All NC areas are provided with detailed flowcharts – in summary:

1.    Person contacts the Designated Person for support
2.    Designated person takes initial details
3.    Local agencies are contacted to advise that we have been contacted
4.    Two NC are allocated to the case by the Designated Person
5.    A visit is undertaken to take the report
6.    Casework is then undertaken
7.    When a case is closed all the paperwork is passed to the Designated Person        who will issue a satisfaction survey and destroy all paper records

It should be noted that the Memorandum of Understanding states that if there is a case that the local authorities feel that it would be unhelpful, or unsafe, for NC to become involved with this will be respected and the person will be told that NC are not able to support them. This is to ensure NC do not jeopardise any delicate operations or become embroiled in complicated cases that have been on-going for many years.  If the local Management Committee were unhappy with the number of cases with which this were occurring they would discuss this with the local agencies.

It is important to note that the NC will:
•    Complete the initial report in a similar format to the local agencies – this      ensures that once a victim has given their report they do not need to repeat it      again for other agencies
•    Complete a Vulnerability assessment  - all cases that are assessed by NC as      medium or high will be referred to the local agencies, understanding that they      may not assess it as the same grade
•    All cases will be recorded using a standard case file template to ensure good      quality notes

In order that NC have access to the best information about local services and contact numbers, local schemes are provided with a template for a Library of Information, that can be populated with local information.

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Neighbourhood Champions operates under license of TLC. Registered in England & Wales, No 7952718
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