Neighbourhood Champions cannot work in isolation and close partnership working with local agencies such as police, local authority and housing associations is vital to the success of local schemes.  A Memorandum of Understanding will be signed with each agency which set outs how the organisation and NC will work together. 

What does NC bring to your area that you might not already have?
For communities
•    An opportunity to harness the care and support that individuals have for      supporting victims of anti-social behaviour
•    A structured scheme that ensures volunteers are properly recruited, trained      and supported
•    Recognition of their contribution by local agencies
For organisations
•    An untapped resource to support service delivery at these times of budget      pressures
•    On-going support for victims of ASB who need a lot of regular support whilst a      case is being investigated and resolved
•    A single point of contact for authorities who will assist in managing the      expectations of the victims
     Another voice to challenge unreasonable expectations

Why is NC different to other schemes?
NC provides a structure and accountability that provides:
•    Support and protection for volunteers
•    Confidence and reassurance to agencies
•    A quality service for clients

Neighbourhood Champions have a number of policies to
safeguard the quality of the work:
•    Code of Conduct
•    Volunteer Agreement
•    Criminal Records Bureau Checking Policy
•    Disciplinary Procedure
•    Equal Opportunities Policy
•    Grievance Procedure
•    Safeguarding Policy

It is really important that the standard of service
offered is of the highest quality because:

•    Victims need to receive the best support possible
•    Agencies need to feel confident in working with NC

We seek to ensure a quality service by:
•    Ensuring that all volunteers undergo a comprehensive training programme
•    Ensuring all members sign up to the Code of Conduct
•    All casework is done in pairs to ensure a consistent approach
•    Clients being provided with a confidential satisfaction survey
•    Having a full grievance and disciplinary procedure to be followed if
      problems do occur
•    Continually monitoring performance

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